voxie™ is an independent fashion label, started in 2012 by an artist of the same name. Brewed from the culture cocktail called London UK, these t-shirts aim to cartoonize the random aspects of everyday life with an edgy, androgynous style.

By throwing together a bunch of comic book, manga, tattoo and urban aesthetics, voxie aims to personify the niche streaks of city livin' oft taken for granted, or worse, missed completely. By characterising the mundane and unusual through tongue-in-cheek design, voxie clothing can be cool, smart, funny or just weird to onlookers. But can also out hidden pockets of society while giving wearers a voice, instead of just a label!

Being a product of its environment, voxie welcomes design suggestions from fellow geeks, freaks and urbanites! (Go on!)

You may also find these designs at a market stall in London, UK. For upcoming dates and other works, like my FB page!